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Welcome to one of Sweden’s oldest and most reputable consulting companies in recruitment and Executive search.

Our business idea since 1991 is to help customers solve recruitment needs for more important jobs. Our CEO Benny Carlsson has experience since 1981 in HR, recruitment and selection. Recruitment International AB has since start been a member of the Swedish Association of Human Resource Consultants (HRK), and has a unique contact network in the Swedish private industry and public organizations.

The recruitment market is dominated today by major players competing with fast delivery and lowest prices. Technical developments have fundamentally changed the industry. Recruitment and selection consist largely of virtual matches and minimized personal contact with candidates. With us, all candidates are treated individually and personally, and not as inventory. Traditional and proven selection methods form the basis of our business. We use state-of-the-art technology tools, and are skilled in our research to utilize our large network of contacts, the Internet and social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and others, but never let it dominate the selection process. We spend a lot more time with our candidates and customers, compared to many of our competitors.

About Recruitment International AB

We are recruiting experts, including Executive Search, which means we are skilled at identifying, interesting and selecting people who can make “the whole difference” in the organizations they work in. We strive to search, motivate and link to us the most attractive market candidates for your specific needs. We focus on key positions, executive roles and specialists in both the private and public sectors. During almost 30 years of operation, we have acquired a fantastic wide experience and a large network of contacts. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible basis for your employment decision. We strive to be involved in the entire recruitment process, from work and requirement analysis, to obtain candidates, for personal assessment, including personality and logical/analytical tests, referral, final selection and follow-up. We are happy to handle the entire administration of recruitment, all in order for our customer to focus on their own core business.

But we can also be your partner in assessing candidates you already have, but have difficulty choosing between (Second Opinion), internal candidates, or just deliver candidates if you wish to do the selection yourself. We realize the importance of making the customer company an attractive employer. We are our customers’ faces outward and intermediaries of the employer’s brand. When recruiting, otherwise often all focus is on the search for the right candidate. Working to strengthen your position as an employer, “employer branding” is today a matter of course for us.

 We can help you with

  • Executive Search
  • Search
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • In-depth interviews, including personality and logical / analytical tests
  • Reference taking
  • Personal development interviews
  • HR services
  • Interim management
  • International recruitment

Our office is located centrally in Malmö, on Kärleksgatan – Love Street. The name of the street we think is symbolic of our philosophy and our attitude towards our customers and job candidates.

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We are unique “for real”!

Technical development has fundamentally changed the recruitment industry. Recruitment and selection today consist largely of virtual matches in CV databases and minimized personal contact with candidates. Virtual interviews are a workforce on strong progress, which further aims to rationalize the personal meeting. After all years in the industry, we dare to argue that traditional recruitment and selection methods, and personal contact are unmatched when recruiting, but of course we use all modern technology and support systems in our business. It is important for us to give all people a personal and respectful response. Most candidates leave the selection process without getting the job, which can be a disappointment. It is therefore important to strive for all those involved to receive a positive image of you as an employer. We create long-term relationships through dialogue and responsiveness. It is always a challenge to find the right person to the right position. To succeed, we take the time to get to know our candidates and customers and to understand their needs and visions. We understand how important personal matching, personal chemistry and culture are for both candidate and customer. The result is a recruitment service of unrivaled quality.

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And the price?

Any new employment can lead to the wrong person ending up in the wrong place in your organization. Every recruitment is almost always a million investment. The higher the loss a possible recruitment may cause, the more money you should in practice be open to spend to do right in the current recruitment. We are flexible and offer quotes to our customers who are tailored to the exact needs of our services that you wish to utilize.

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